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Needing Sleep Since 1998

26 June 1983
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There's not much to say about the Parsnip. She's been addicted to anime ever since her final year of college from 2004-2005. All thanks to a college buddy, she was also introduced to the world of fanfiction, something she had never known existed before. Because of her, Parsnip was able to find one of the most fulfilling hobbies she's dabbled in to date, partially because of the wonderful and supportive people she latched unto through LJ.

It's been a wonderful time getting to know everyone, new and old. ♥ And you are all way to nice to me. Here are a few things they've had to say about me.

Currently, Parsnip is working at a beverage packing company that does fruit/healthy drinks for such companies like Kagome and Wild Flavors (the people who do Capri Sun although Parsnip doesn't have anything to do with that product). It pays the bills, but it kills the muse, time, and general life although not as much as it used to. As such, her New Years resolution includes finding a new job and moving out to Maryland so she can molest mooch off of lenainverse.

If you are curious as to what this slightly jaded, cynical, dull girl has written since she started posting fiction back in December of 2004, try her ficjournal seasoned_snips or skip it and go straight to her archive post. There might be something there of interest in the realms of original, Inuyasha, Bleach, Crossover, Darker than Black, Noir, Gundam Wing, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, and Kyou Kara Maou ficcage. A few fandoms may have been missed for the simple fact that she often forgets she has a profile page and updates once in a blue moon.

Currently, she is obsessed with winnowing down her backlog although Last Exile, Xamdou, Shounen Onmyouji, Darker than Black and Skip Beat (manga) are among the top of he rlist. She really can't resist the pretty that the_firefly posts so often about. Her manga obsessions are wide and varied with many still on-going.

On a more bubbly note, all banners and awards are archived here including several pretty ones by paynesgrey. Last, but not least, Parsnip presents the many and varied Mood Theme Sets that she enjoys switching back and forth between depending on her somewhat sporadic moods. As requested, she's giving credit where credit is due although she has yet to upload and credit two more sets. She's been a little lazy, we think.

Full Metal Panic: heron_advocate | General Bleach: zephia | Honey & Clover: lelei and pinkappuccino | Saiunkoku Monogatari: mrs_urahara | Junjou Romantica: vampkiss

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